Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My dream for my bathroom

Villeroy & Boch baths are one of several international brands on show at Chesters Plumbing showrooms. Quaryl is a mix of hard-wearing quartz and resin, a modern material that helps retain heat, is easy to clean and resistant to scratches.

This Grohe showerhead, also seen at Chesters showrooms, comes with a ten-year warranty. Good deal


The Outdoor bathroom

Some outdoor bathing spaces bring the option to enjoy a shower in the open air, while others let you soak in a tub under the stars. It is less common to find both in one pristine, private setting. This well-appointed alfresco bathroom, by designer Anne Levitch, offers both. The outdoor space – only a few steps from the indoor master bathroom and dressing room – is enclosed by a high fence, giving the owners total bathing privacy. Sandstone flagging was chosen to introduce a natural element that would tie in with the beige tub and feel comfortable underfoot. Hmm Wanna to try this Inspiration???


High end fixed window

For the people to fully enjoy its rural setting, the Coatesville house required generous windows. Rylock® Windows and Doors installed high-end Fletcher Aluminium products in Mineral Brown from the Pacific Suite® throughout the house. A large fixed window at the entry frames the view across the pool to the countryside beyond, says director Peter Bilcich. Bifold aluminium doors opened up the corners of the building to improve the flow for indoor-outdoor entertaining. By doing away with the centre support mullion, the view and flow of traffic are unobstructed, the director says. A similar solution doubles the usefulness of the bar area. Bifold windows around the granite-topped bar open so guests can be served outside during good weather, but can be closed up in bad weather to protect the indoor space.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Track and cable system by Bruck Lighting

Beautiful Lighting is very important to make a room look great. So I will give you some picture with beautiful lighting by Bruck Lighting, they are located in Tustin, California. So Enjoy this photo and feel it.


The new Karbon articulating faucet from Kohler

This faucet is interesting for me because it can be positioned wherever it is needed. Inspired by the articulated joints of lighting and construction equipment, the Karbon will maintain its position, keeping the spray head and water flow exactly where required.the design team at Kohler looked beyond pure aesthetics to transform faucet functionality. The faucet offers both spray and aerated flow options, eliminating the need for a sidespray. A remote joystick valve features two disks installed flush with the countertop to provide an unusually sleek look. They also ensure the faucet is easy to clean.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Fluid Faucet

One more from Kohler design. it's an amazing concept that exudes style and elegance, the name is Fluid faucet. With a sleek design, the Innovative faucet brags highly functional usage by doubling up as a drinking fountain. All it needs is a simple flick of your wrist to twist the knob on the side to control temperature, and the “nose” for positioning. A masterpiece of design and a unique addition for a contemporary bathroom, the smooth and sexy flowing lines can be your first choice. I love it... enjoy water in a more comfortable way.


35" Solace Contemporary vanity

Today the inspiration bathroom come from Tradewindsimport. You can see some of the most popular and common vanities are manufactured with steel or chrome and glass. Which brings us to the 35” Solace Bathroom Vanity. Like many other people like, the Solace is wall-mounted. The solace features sturdy chrome construction. In fact, the simplicity of the Solace’s design is one of its more endearing qualities.


20H x 35W x 20D
35 inches
Counter Top


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Black and White theme Kitchen

This kitchen was designed by architect Zvi Belling as part of an extensive apartment makeover. This bathroom is highly modern, functional space that would work well as an indoor and outdoor kitchen. Black stone floors is one of favourite material. Semi-gloss cabinetry, plaster walls, a back-painted backsplash and engineered stone countertops – all in white – have an equivalent sheen to the floor tiles and create the desired contrasting effect. The black reflective laminate toekicks give the island and perimeter cabinetry a floating feel which adds to the kitchen's space-age look. The slatwork and granite tilework are repeated on an adjacent outdoor island, and these materials, as well as color, serve to link indoors and out. Enjoy the kitcehn inspiration.


5-Star Green Star Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Introducing a new commercial buildings is the new 5-Star Green Star Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) Burnley Complex in Melbourne, a government facility for training and community safety. The architect is Andrew Rutt of Spowers Architects. The building and precinct were the result of a highly intensive and comprehensive integrated design process involving stakeholders and consultants. This process was critical for achieving the building solutions required in a commercial development designed to new performance specifications. The team undertook substantial modelling to determine the final form of the complex, to ensure it would perform environmentally, at both a passive and active level. The administration building consists of three levels, with a total NLA of 3600m2. The building layout is based on long, narrow rectangular floor plates, extruded along an east-west axis for optimal northern and southern aspects, and to limit exposure to the western sun. The building is punctuated by a series of glazed atria that allow natural light to penetrate the interior. The atria also form part of the circulation system, and with glazed internal walls, provide a transparency between offices. A large corridor running the length of the northern side of the building provides an environmental buffer to the offices on the south side. The east facade, which fronts Burnley Street, features large, vertical fixed-glass fins. These have a ceramic coating that increases the shading coefficient and reduces the need for active heat controls. The building utilises a mixed-mode HVAC system, with the exposed thermal mass of hollow-core concrete floor and roof slabs forming part of the cooling system. Cooled air is forced through the cylindrical voids in the slabs, which run north-south across the building. As there is no suspended ceiling, the cooling within the slab radiates into the space below. Windows in the corridor on the north side are automated. There are also automated blinds on the west side of the building, which help prevent overheating. It's great arvhitecture inspiration. so keep innovative


Luxury bathroom

A touch of luxury to your bathroom doesn't have to translate to an ornate, marble-lined interior. Sometimes, simple layouts, strong forms and raw materials can have the strongest visual impact. In this bathroom, designed by architect David Hertz, concrete is the main material because the application is look new and innovative. The custom-designed vanity is sculpted from Syndecrete, a lightweight concrete manufactured from fly ash, carpet fiber and cement. And one more, I like the door with stainless steel material. Big mirror can make your bathroom look big. It's amazing bathroom inspiration. :)


Modern contemporary bathroom

When I browse some picture of modern bathroom inspiration this morning. I was found an oasis of calm – Lacava is a Chicago-based company that specializes in Italian-design bathrooms that create a private sanctuary. The Cinema design pairs ebony Makassar wood veneer with an Absolute Black granite countertop. Simplicity is also the order of the day for the Aquastand bathroom, which incorporates stainless steel basin supports.Inspiration of Bathroom 3 have a cantilevered wood cabinets enhance the spacious look of the Aquagrande bathroom. The cabinets have a warm caramel bamboo finish and routed finger pulls. More stainless steel can make perfect and clean. Plant at bathroom is important to make green and relax. I hope this picture can be your home inspiration today.


Minimalist feel bathroom

This Bathroom is a clean design and use of stone and wood mirror the rest of the house, which has a warm minimalist feel. People can feel exposed in the bathroom, so the setting is create a secure and relaxing sanctuary – a place where people could feel enveloped and pampered.Limestone tiles, with a pitted and aged appearance, have been used to clad the walls and floor. The stone tiles bring a sense of solidity and permanence to the room, while the natural tones introduce softness and light, The vanity counter and lights above have been cantilevered, so they appear to float off the wall, and the curved lines of the bath, sink and faucet evoke a feminine, friendly feel. A skylight brings natural light into the room. At night, halogens introduce a warm yellow glow which casts shadows on the textured surface of the limestone. You can make this your bathroom inspiration.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adjustable LED desk lamp

Many people almost of them have a desk table. If you are looking for a really cool and unique lamp for your desk, then the Chain Lamp designed by Iliara Marelli for Nemo Italianaluce might be what you’re looking for. Made from case aluminum and lit by 4 bright white (1-watt) LEDs, its articulating body folds flat to form an accent light when you’re not using it for task illumination. When completely closed, it measures just 2.75″ tall. Open it up, and it can reach up to almost 22″ in height. This beautiful design doesn’t come cheap, the price is $595 USD, but if you want something cool and elegant you have to pay the price.


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