Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minimalist feel bathroom

This Bathroom is a clean design and use of stone and wood mirror the rest of the house, which has a warm minimalist feel. People can feel exposed in the bathroom, so the setting is create a secure and relaxing sanctuary – a place where people could feel enveloped and pampered.Limestone tiles, with a pitted and aged appearance, have been used to clad the walls and floor. The stone tiles bring a sense of solidity and permanence to the room, while the natural tones introduce softness and light, The vanity counter and lights above have been cantilevered, so they appear to float off the wall, and the curved lines of the bath, sink and faucet evoke a feminine, friendly feel. A skylight brings natural light into the room. At night, halogens introduce a warm yellow glow which casts shadows on the textured surface of the limestone. You can make this your bathroom inspiration.


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